Decking and Outdoor Living Spaces: Unique Ideas with Endless Possibilities

11 June 2020

Timber decking and outdoor living spaces complement each other to provide you with a pleasurable experience on your own property. When you utilise wood decking to create the floor of your patio, deck, porch or even a gazebo, you add an earthy ambiance that is not attainable with other materials. Explore the following ideas to create attractive, usable outdoor spaces that add value to your property.

Ideas for Outdoor Living Areas

1. Single-layer patios at the ground level are the simplest way to create a living area in your yard. The decking installs over a sturdy foundation of either timber or concrete.

2. A balcony off the second floor is possible with decking with a durable support structure. Of course, you also should install a railing for safety to ensure that no one accidentally falls off it.

3. Multi-level decks add dimension to an outdoor area and can contain two, three or as many levels as you wish. For example, start one of these types of decks in the middle of the backyard and gradually work up to the house or vice versa. Decks with multiple levels are ideal for sloping backyards that rule out a single-level deck.

4. Alfresco areas designed for entertaining benefit greatly from decking since it adds a richness to the area. Typically, these areas also include an outdoor kitchen complete with a sink, grill, storage cabinet and countertop. In addition, add a sofa, chairs and tables to create this extension of your house. Friends and family members can relax and chat while they wait for the delectable food that you are preparing.

5. The above ideas can be either freestanding or attached to the house. Determine this by consulting with a professional to learn which style suits your property.

6. Add a pergola or gazebo over the decking to provide shade to your outdoor living area if you so desire a shady rather than a sunny spot to relax. Pergolas are suitable for porches and patios that are attached to the house while gazebos are ideal for freestanding areas.

For further ideas for durable decking and outdoor living spaces that are also attractive, turn to Nathan Brown Building. We are experts in creating these spaces and we provide high quality timber decking to ensure that your space will retain its beauty and usefulness throughout the years. Our company will provide you a quote of our services and guarantee your satisfactions.

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