Commercial Building Maintenance Checklist: What it is and why is it Important?

12 April 2023

You already know how many commercial building maintenance chores there are to complete if you are in charge of maintaining the structure and its many components, whether you manage an office complex, a multi-use building, or a university campus. Some are daily tasks, others are required for regulatory inspections, and others include emergency and structural repairs.

As a maintenance manager, there is a lot to be on top of and keep up with. We know this as a licensed commercial builder in Newcastle Lake Macquarie that offers building maintenance and repair services. That’s why we have created a concise list of the duties that should be included in a commercial building maintenance checklist and their importance.

Masonry Works and Exterior Walls

Despite their durability, masonry and concrete building materials and structures can and do deteriorate with time. You should check not just the outside walls of a structure but also the inside walls, building arches, canopies, and eaves. Interior walls may exhibit cracking, efflorescence, and bubbling. These symptoms indicate moisture issues elsewhere in the building, which are indicators of structural failure.

Roofing Structures

Inspecting exterior soffits, fascia, and gutters for obstructions, leaks, and general waterproofing effectiveness is also recommended for flat roofing areas. You should inspect them on average every six months and after periods of significant rainfall. If the recent storms in Sydney or in March and April have taught us anything, it is that even the sturdiest structures may swiftly get damaged by intense rainfall.

Fire Safety & Compliance

A large portion of any maintenance checklist must address fire compliance because it is a significant and crucial regulatory requirement of the Australian building code. To keep building occupants and the building as safe as possible, you must ensure fire safety equipment is in good condition as required by Australian law. All fire extinguishers in your commercial building should be examined and serviced by a qualified fire protection company every six months, per the Australian Fire Safety Standards. The fire sprinkler system, crawl spaces, and doors should also be on your list of fire safety inspection items.


Most of the time, plumbing system or component failures go unnoticed until they result in water damage to the building. Yet, you can minimise and even eliminate serious problems connected to plumbing issues if your maintenance checklist includes rules and schedules for repairing essential plumbing parts like valves. Plumbing inspections for commercial buildings with gardens or grassy land areas should also cover irrigation system maintenance to ensure that the pipes and sprinklers are kept in good working order and prevent water wastage.

HVAC System

The heating and cooling systems in your commercial building should be inspected and cleaned regularly (ideally every six months). The HVAC system is one of the amenities that will ensure your customers, employees, and other patrons in the business are comfortable, even though it may not directly relate to the upkeep of the integrity of your property.

We understand that managing a building is not an easy job. We are aware that maintaining a clean and well-kept property is not enough. Including various structural assessments, repairs, and rectifications in the maintenance process is also recommended. You can contact the Nathan Brown Building team if you need assistance with any aesthetic or structural issues and want to understand your structural alternatives better. We provide the best Building Maintenance and Repair Services in Newcastle Lake Macquarie. Feel free to Call Us at 0422 622 264 for more enquiries.

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