4 Ways to Preserve the Character of Your Old Home When Renovating

20 January 2023

Period homes have a very special quality. In addition to their endearing individuality and unique architectural features, they also radiate grace and grandeur and stir fond memories. While there are many things to appreciate about lovely historic homes, they frequently lack the practicality required for the modern family lifestyle.

The answer is a resounding yes if you’re wondering if you can renovate your old home without removing the charm that first drew you to it. You can have a home that expertly combines the old and the new with careful planning and design with the assistance of skilled builders from Nathan Brown Building. Continue reading to learn more.

List the Features You Love

Make a list of all the classic features in your home that you adore before you knock down walls or rip up floors. Do you remember the original woodwork that made you fall in love with it? Picture rails, wall panelling, huge architraves, elaborate cornices and ceiling roses, or the original hardwood floors? Any qualities that make a list are ones you should make an effort to keep when renovating.

List the Modifications You Want to Make

It’s time to list everything about your house that annoys you. It is critical to recognise the changes you must make to guarantee the finished product fulfils your expectations, whether it’s a lack of natural light, inadequate storage, poor flow, or an outdated floor plan. Your property can be converted into a more modern living area with our expert builders by your side without sacrificing any of the exquisite original details.

Emphasising Special and Unique Features

Older homes frequently include quirky or unique characteristics. While some may not be to your liking, other out-of-the-ordinary elements that can initially look a little strange can become something extraordinary. Be resourceful and recycle or accentuate these distinctive elements, whether a peculiar recess in the wall, an unusual archway, or an odd-sized cupboard. Not only does it highlight the past of your house, but it also creates a unique design aspect that only your house has and serves as the best conversation starter when visitors stop by.

An Old House Expansion

There are various solutions available if your old home isn’t big enough for your family to live comfortably and you have the room to expand on. You might decide to make a contemporary addition that contrasts with the original part of the house, or you can choose to adapt the addition to the original design of the house.

The most expensive option is frequently to match the original, but if you are concerned with historical accuracy and have the money, the outcome is usually always worthwhile. This might be your only choice if a heritage overlay covers your home. For trustworthy assistance, consult your local council and our knowledgeable home builders.

You can find beautiful historic homes all across Newcastle Lake Macquarie, and we consider it an honour to give them new life for our clientele. Contact our expert builders at Nathan Brown Building if you want to renovate a historic, period, or vintage home.

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