Verandah Repairs and Renovation: Knowing When The Time Is Right

10 December 2020

Verandahs provide homeowners with a roofed platform along the front and sides of their homes to relax on to enjoy the outdoor area of their homes. They can admire the results of all their extensive work on their lawn and garden areas while they chat with family members or friends. Over the years, though, these platforms begin to show wear from daily use, and homeowners need to decide between verandah repairs and renovation services. If you are facing this situation at the moment, we will provide you with some guidance on knowing when a repair will do and when you should consider a remodel of your verandah instead.

Conditions That Call for Repairs

The following conditions only call for repairs to the verandah:

1. Minor leaks on the roof are reparable in most cases without the need of a major overhaul.

2. When only a small number of boards on the flooring require replacing, there is no reason to tear the entire verandah out to remodel it.

3. If a fresh coat of paint is all that is necessary to rejuvenate this platform.

4. A support beam is a structural item that is simple to repair or replace without a complete remodel if only one or two require attention.

5. The gutters and downspouts need repair to ensure that the rainwater drains away from the base of the verandah.

6. Repairs also are adequate when only one portion of the railing needs replacing.

When Renovation Is the Only Answer

If a combination of the repairs above is necessary simultaneously, the entire roof needs replacing or the foundation of the verandah is in unstable condition, it is time to renovate. When you require multiple repairs at the same time, it is often cheaper to tear out and redo rather than perform each repair. Another reason for remodeling this platform, though, is when your present verandah is of an inadequate size for your needs. With a different design, you can enlarge your verandah to gain enough space for you and others to enjoy in a comfortable, non-cramped manner.

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