Upgrade Your Home’s Exterior Space with These Tips from Nathan Brown Building

06 January 2022

Enhancing your exterior space results in additional living space that can increase the value of your home. This works if you live in an area where the weather allows outdoor living throughout the year. An exterior entertaining space can be beneficial to your family or can be a good selling point if you are putting your home on the market in the future. Below are different ideas that will enhance your home’s exterior space.

Installing Decks and Pergolas Enhance Home’s Exterior space

Decks and pergolas may vary in function. But they both serve their purposes. Decks are a great place to throw summer parties, barbeques, and family get-togethers. Guests can visit with each other while enjoying the warm weather and fresh air. And decks enable you to maximise your yard space, so guests can have more places to relax or play games. Pergolas provide shade. The size of the beams, and their spacing will give you an idea of shade coverage. Although, a pergola on its own can never create a fully-shaded space. There are pros and cons to this. If you aren’t receiving full shade, you can see the sky and view the stars at night. If you like the space to be shaded, add a fabric cover to the beams. You can also add shade to your pergola by installing a climbing plant with thick, lush leaves and blossoms.

Installing Patios and Verandas Enhance Home’s Exterior space

A personalised patio allows you to experience your home life differently. But it all starts with the design. Perhaps you would like a patio concentrated on having BBQs with your friends on the weekend, but you would also like the patio to offer a nice space to relax with your kids.  It is essential to consider what you would like to do, and how something like a patio will improve the quality of your life.

On the other hand, the veranda is an extension of the house. It can house a kitchen, a living room or even a room. It can be partitioned or completely open and offers a natural extension to your home by turning to the outside. With its large glazed areas, the veranda gives a panoramic view of the outside and allows an immense contribution of light. The conservatory also allows less use of electric light sources.

Adding decks, pergolas, patios or verandas create shelter from the hot sun, and when placed in a strategic position, you can cut up to 40 per cent off your cooling bills by preventing the heat from penetrating your house. A house that stays cool doesn’t need environmentally harmful methods to cool it down, making a veranda quite the sustainable option. This ultimately enhances the exterior space of your home.

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