Tips on Proper Hardwood Deck Maintenance

14 July 2020

While a hardwood deck provides years of pleasure for its owner, it must also endure a great deal of abuse through this time period. For this reason, it is crucial that you provide the proper hardwood deck maintenance to the area to keep it in ideal condition and appearance. Without taking the correct measures, your deck will prematurely deteriorate to the point of requiring replacement. We offer you valuable tips on caring for your deck in the following facts.

Sweep the Deck to Remove Dirt and Debris

With a stiff broom, sweep the entire deck to remove dust, dirt and other debris. Grit from dirt can scratch the surface of the wood as you walk on it. Leaves and other debris will rot and attract insects or termites. You should perform this action once a week throughout the year.

Remove the Present Finish When Necessary

If your present finish is cracking and peeling, remove it using a commercial stripper. Just follow the manufacturer’s instructions for applying and removing it. Rinse the deck and surrounding area thoroughly with clear water.

Wash With a Mild Cleaning Solution

Removing the worn finish may not remove all the stains and discolouration from the hardwood, or you might not have a finish to remove. For this reason, the next step is to wash the deck with a mild cleaning solution of one part detergent or bleach to 11 parts water. If your deck contains mould or mildew, use the bleach rather than the detergent. Use your stiff broom to scrub the entire area or pour the solution into a pressure washer. Rinse with clear water to remove all the detergent or bleach. Let it dry completely before you proceed with the next step.

Examine for Issues

After the deck dries, examine it for nail pops, splintery boards or broken boards. Hammer in the nails or replace them with wood screws. Sand splintery boards smooth and replace any broken ones. When you need to sand the boards, rinse the residual particles off and allow the deck to dry before staining and sealing.

Reapply Stain and Sealer to Restore the Finish

At this point, reapply stain when you wish to add colour to your deck or a clear sealer if you just want to protect the deck. Of course, you can apply both if necessary. Just allow the stain to dry completely before you apply the sealer. Do not walk on the deck until the sealer is dry.

For further tips for hardwood deck maintenance, contact Nathan Brown Building. We are experts at constructing and renovating decks.

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