Home Renovation Ways: A Second Chance at Sustainability with Nathan Brown Builders

28 July 2022

If you have been planning a complete home renovation, chances are you have likewise thought about going eco-friendlier. For the benefit of the environment, adopting a sustainable home renovation design is a great way to go green. The obvious devastating effects of climate change call for incorporating more sustainable building elements in every construction project. ‘If you are planning to join the bandwagon soon, we have rounded up these home renovation ways for a second chance at sustainability.

Adding Insulation

Renovating the living space that you have lived in for many years provides you with a good opportunity to make it energy-efficient and consequently, save on monthly utility bills. To build a more sustainable home by undergoing a renovation, adding insulation to insulate your home helps you conserve energy more than before. If you are one of those who are planning to undertake a sustainable home renovation, the best way to do it is to add foam board and lower your energy bills.

Upgrade with More Sustainable Materials

Limiting the use of non-sustainable building materials when undertaking your home renovation project means more waste. One of the best ways to implement sustainability in undertaking your sustainable home renovation project is to prevent the purchase of non-sustainable construction building materials and upgrade with more sustainable materials to ensure the reduction of waste and further enhance sustainability efforts and help improve your home’s indoor air quality.

Purchase Energy-Efficient Lightings

Purchasing energy-efficient lighting choices help lessen energy consumption and promises more lifespan than traditional bulbs, making these types of lightbulbs an energy-efficient lighting option. And to implement an overall sustainable home building concept, complement your newly renovated living space by installing an energy-efficient lighting system. Energy-efficient lighting means switching to light-emitting diode bulbs over traditional bulbs that use significant energy defeating the purpose of building a sustainable living space. 

Invest in Eco-Friendlier Devices 

Energy and water costs, without a doubt, will increase in the coming years. That is why if you are planning to build a more sustainable living space, it is highly recommended to prioritise an eco-friendlier device when it’s time to replace old appliances and devices. Installing an eco-friendly device will surely lower your energy costs and improve your energy conservation effort. Investing in smart devices like thermostats also helps save energy and make your home more comfortable.

Integrate Solar Panels

When doing a home renovation project, integrating solar panels can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and boosts your home’s resale value. Installing solar panel boards provides long-term savings in energy and water costs. So, when undertaking a home renovation project, try integrating solar panels in your home renovation design to strategically place the part of your house where it can be constantly exposed to sunlight.

Repurpose Your Old Materials

Decide first what home items you want to save before you begin with the demolition process and properly start with your home renovation project. For instance, repurposing your old cabinets not just helps you save money but also prevents overcrowding in the landfills and prevents contributing to global warming.

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