Home Extension with Timber Decking: Reasons that Make This a Perfect Idea for Your Home

24 August 2022

There is no denying that outdoor decks can completely transform your beautiful home. They don’t cost a lot to install, look fantastic, and feel nice underfoot. It comes as no surprise that many Australian homeowners choose timber as the material for their deck extensions.

So why should you consider timber decking for your next home extension project? Here are some of the reasons that make timber decking a perfect idea for your home.

Timber is Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

The war cry of our generation today is sustainability. The need to protect the planet’s resources is of the utmost importance as our knowledge and awareness of its delicate environment expand. The most often recognised indicator of environmental friendliness is the carbon footprint, and among the building materials frequently used to construct decks and pergolas, timber has the lowest carbon footprint.

Managed forests speak to the fact that timber is entirely renewable. Unlike steel and concrete, which must be extracted underground, trees grow above ground and may be harvested more efficiently. Additionally, a significant portion of the lumber industry runs on biomass, a fuel made from waste materials like wood chips.

Timber is Aesthetically Versatile

Of all the building materials, wood has the widest range of aesthetic applications. There are more than 5000 different types of wood, each with varying strengths. Some are excellent for structure, some for aesthetics, and some for acoustics. Both light and heavy items are present. Some are robust, while others are adaptable. You can paint them or stain them with the colour you desire. It can be carved, nailed, glued, or sliced. Of all the building materials, it is the most versatile.

Timber is Light, Safe, Durable and Sturdy

When adequately treated, timber is remarkably durable and competes favourably with concrete and steel in terms of structural effectiveness for carrying load per unit.

Timber is the most robust building material for its weight. Its strength enables it to support a building, while its adaptability enables it to accommodate unforeseen shifts or changes in the foundation without cracking.

Timber is a Great Insulator

Fibreglass insulation wasn’t standard in “the ancient days,” when most houses were constructed of timber. Luckily, wood is an excellent insulator than metal, so they didn’t need it. Compared to other surfaces, wood doesn’t conduct heat as quickly. Steel conducts heat 1650 times faster than wood, glass transmits heat 23 times faster than wood, and aluminium conducts heat 7000 times faster than wood.

Timber Promotes Good Health

Timber is unexpectedly considered good medicine.  Spending time on decks or any other timber structures provides the same health advantages as spending time outdoors. And this isn’t just some fairy yarn; it has been scientifically demonstrated in studies of both medicine and psychology and reports from the business world.

Everything revolves around managing stress. Relaxing on a wooden deck lowers stress and anxiety, controls blood pressure, and raises happiness and satisfaction levels. By lowering your stress levels, you lower your risk of developing stress-related illnesses like hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, and asthma.

As we’ve shown above, timber naturally strikes a balance between its aesthetic and strength, sustainability, and environmental friendliness, and it, therefore, presents a very strong case for being the material of choice for your deck.

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