Different Types of Outdoor Decks to Consider for Your Home

28 April 2023

It can seem overwhelming to design and plan the ideal outdoor deck, especially when you don’t know where to start. Check out the following ideas below to spark your imagination.

  • Entryway Deck – Adding an entryway deck can increase your home’s value and kerb appeal. It serves as an entrance corridor leading from your front garden to your front door and improves the house’s kerb appeal. A small area can have a significant impact on the deck. Sometimes all it takes to connect the front of the house to the house itself is a small space for a few special plants in pots to frame the entry and a timber deck to step up from the front yard.
  • Pool Decking – The space next to the pool is called the pool deck. The pool deck has loungers, banana lounges, rockers, tables, and other pool and backyard furniture. The pool deck creates the swimming area’s atmosphere, which also gives the space its appearance and style. It’s a great place to unwind by the pool.
  • Veranda or Porch – An outdoor platform with a roof on the ground floor that runs parallel to the house is called a veranda. Frequently, the deck’s front and sides are surrounded by a railing. A porch is a covered area that extends beyond the front door of a house and is used for entertaining outdoors while taking in the scenery and unwinding. These make a lovely addition to a house where you can relax in the front yard and observe the world go by.
  • High Set Deck – A raised deck is referred to as a high set deck or an elevated deck (not on the home’s ground floor). This fantastic outdoor entertaining alternative increases your home’s interior space. With this extra area, you may relocate your leisure or entertainment outside, where you can take advantage of the gorgeous scenery, clean air, and Newcastle Lake Macquarie weather.
  • Gazebo – A gazebo is a free-standing structure that is typically built in the backyard and offers protection from the elements, shade, a place to relax, and the ability to train climbing plants to grow up the structure and create a lovely, natural haven where one can escape the daily grind. A basic table and/or chairs will frequently provide the ideal space for relaxing and reconnecting with nature.
  • Entertainment – A deck space fit for an entertainer. This space can effectively expand your living space from the inside to the outside of the house all year round. With all the conveniences of electricity, lighting, fans, televisions, etc., an outdoor living space like this will quickly overtake the living room as the most popular spot for entertaining. Why eat indoors when you can enjoy all the conveniences by the poolside with lovely breezes?

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