Deck Replacement and Repair Services in Newcastle Lake Macquarie: When Do You Need One?

31 July 2020

Most homeowners have opted to improve their outdoor living spaces with the construction of a deck. Adding a deck brings valuable benefits to properties. One of the benefits of a deck is that it enhances both the appearance and the overall value of a property. It also allows families, friends, and other visitors to enjoy various outdoor activities and gatherings. The construction of a deck also increases the available living spaces of most homes.

All these benefits can be truly enjoyed by property owners and their families if the deck is still in great condition. However, there will be a point in time where the deck might finally require replacement and repair services in order to preserve its qualities and functionalities. To know if your deck needs to be replaced or repaired, then here are some factors that you must assess and look out for.

Rotting Wood Support Posts and Beams

Most decks are made from wood materials. And once moisture penetrates the coating of these materials, then the rotting process will initiate. The process of rotting among wood components can truly develop over time and slowly damage the deck. The rotting process can even be quickened if the deck is not maintained regularly. Once a deck has rotted, it must be repaired immediately as it may affect other parts of your home.

Prominent Damages to Deck Components

Aside from rotting, a deck must be replaced and repaired right away if it has gained numerous serious damages. These damages may be in the form of cracks and holes that may come from termites or boring insects. Once your deck gets damaged, most of its wood components will most likely shift underfoot, which must be evaluated and assessed for necessary replacements. Some of the components that you must look out for damages are footings and deck boards.

Corroded Deck Fixtures and Fittings

The fixtures and fittings used in constructing the deck may have also been affected by different outdoor elements. Most of them are made from metal, which may corrode over a long time of use. Given this fact, you must check for the overall status of all the fixtures and fittings used in your deck. Look underneath your deck if they are still holding the whole structure together. If not, then you must request an immediate repair since they can be a serious safety hazard for you and your family.

Existence of Erosion Around the Posts

Most deck footings are set into concrete or simply installed and suspended deep in the ground. However, as the ground absorbs more and more water around the base of the deck, soil erosion might occur, causing instability on the whole deck. Once some parts of the deck footings and posts become exposed, the whole deck may become destabilised, which then becomes a threat to the safety and structural integrity of the whole deck and home structure.

If your deck has these problems, then you might want to have it replaced and repaired immediately. Fortunately, we at Nathan Brown Building offers deck replacement and repair services in Newcastle Lake Macquarie. We also specialise in bathroom renovations, building extensions, and all other types of renovations. We have more than 28 years of experience across all facets of the building industry.

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