Deck Renovation Tips and Ideas for a Modern Looking Home

11 February 2021

Decking and outdoor living spaces complement each other to provide you with a pleasurable experience on your own property. When you utilise wood decking to create the floor of your patio, deck, porch or even a gazebo, you add an earthy ambiance that is not attainable with other materials. Explore the following ideas to create attractive, usable outdoor spaces that add value to your property.

Multi-Level Decks

Multi-level decks add dimension to an outdoor area and can contain two, three or as many levels as you wish. For example, start one of these types of decks in the middle of the backyard and gradually work up to the house or vice versa. Decks with multiple levels are ideal for sloping backyards that rule out a single-level deck.

Alfresco Decks

Alfresco areas designed for entertaining benefit greatly from decking since it adds a richness to the area. Typically, these areas also include an outdoor kitchen complete with a sink, grill, storage cabinet and countertop. In addition, add a sofa, chairs and tables to create this extension of your house. Friends and family members can relax and chat while they wait for the delectable food that you are preparing.

Merbau Decks

Merbau accepts staining, sealing and painting well even with its high tannin levels. Most reputable builders, though, will ensure that the Merbau is well seasoned before they construct your deck with it. Seasoning allows the tannins to seep out of the wood away from your house in order for it not to stain other surfaces it comes in contact with at your house. You can seal it with a clear sealant to bring out the natural colour in the Merbau or you can change its natural shade with the shade of your choice. Most homeowners select to seal or stain Merbau with a deck instead of to paint it, but the choice is up to you.

Swimming Pool Decks

Decking provides attractiveness to the area around swimming pools. Since it offers the earthiness of wood grain to the area, it is in keeping with the lawn, trees and other plants you decorate the area with for your enjoyment. Timber material also is gentle on bare feet.

Spa Decks

You can select a layout that allows you to sink the spa so that the entry point is mesh with the deck, or you may prefer just to place the spa on top of it. The choice is up to you. Along with these two design options, you might choose a layout that provides a special seating area for lounging or drying off prior to returning to the house.

Living Room Extension

Expansions that include just a metre or two in width can’t helpfully shape a parlour in their own right, so it is frequently best to utilise the space to broaden a current room, connecting old and new with as wide an opening as could reasonably be expected. The exemption is if the space is utilised as a cloakroom or utility room.


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