Bathroom Renovation: How to Elevate Your Bathroom using Natural Materials?

08 November 2022

Utilise natural materials, such as wood and stone, to infuse your bathroom with warmth and tranquillity. Whether it’s a stone floor or a wooden wall, these natural elements will anchor your space and complement a variety of aesthetic tastes. In addition to providing advice on the best elements for your space, Nathan Brown Building has assisted many clients in designing their ideal bathrooms. Let’s explore a few ideas for bringing nature into your bathroom.

Bring Timber Into Your Bathroom

Bring timber into your bathroom to add more outdoor features. A wide range of materials, including oak, hickory, and birch, can be used to make bathroom cabinets or vanity units with a natural appearance. Choose a modest yet gorgeous wooden bathtub if you really want to stand out. A bathroom that is otherwise monochrome with white tiling, walls, and fixtures can add warmth and charm with the help of timber, which is also a great and simple way to do it.

Use Stone to Add Texture

In your bathroom, stone, a strong and beautiful natural material, can be used in various settings and configurations. Use stone as worktops, sinks, baths, flooring for a distinctive underfoot feeling, ornamental items, or to add texture to your walls. The possibilities are unlimited! If you want to make something truly original, use the stone to build a bench or some storage. Why not build a stone frame if your shower is a distinct construction from your bath? As a result, your shower will be framed as a separate area in your bathroom, giving the impression that it was brought in from somewhere else. It will create an intriguing contrast with the rest of your bathroom.

Let The Natural Light In

Windows are the simplest way to let natural light into your bathroom. Your view of the outside world will be more expansive the larger the window. It is particularly advantageous if your bathroom views some trees, your backyard, or the water. Wider windows allow more fresh air and breezes to enter, giving your area an outdoor sensation in addition to the natural light that will fill it during the day. Choose a window treatment that will give you the privacy you require while still allowing light to enter, such as frosted glass or sheer curtains, if you are concerned about privacy but still want to let in some light.

Decorate Your Bathroom with Natural Elements

You can do a few simple things to incorporate natural elements, whether you want to renovate your bathroom or simply update your area completely. For example, you may use plants, and earth-toned stones like browns, blues, and greens for your towels, bring in shells and sand or decorate with loose stones in a bowl or vase. You could also use rattan and wicker baskets. You can use natural elements in your bathroom decor in various ways. However, don’t feel as though you have to limit yourself to just one. Mix and match. If you like, use both timber and stone. Natural textures easily coexist and complement one another appealingly.

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