Add Beauty and Value to Your Newcastle Lake Macquarie Home with Merbau Decking

12 August 2020

When you add a deck to your home with merbau decking, you enhance its appearance and increase its overall value. Merbau is a durable hardwood that is popular in construction projects for its strength. The merbau is harvested in parts of Southeast Asia, East Africa and parts of Australia.


The colour of it at harvest time is an orangish-brown shade, but as it ages, it turns to a deep reddish-brown tone. Colouring of this wood varies greatly between pieces, and this feature provides a special ambiance to decks.

Merbau is Resistant to Rot and Insect Infestations

Merbau also resists rot similar to cedar and cypress. It can endure out in the wind, rain and sun without decaying. Not all wood has this type of durability. On top of this type of feature, this wood also resists insect infestations. Constructing a deck with wood that attracts harmful insects such as termites will shorten the life of the deck. A merbau deck can last up to 40 years in some cases without decaying.

Merbau Is Ideal for Staining, Sealing and Painting

Merbau accepts staining, sealing and painting well even with its high tannin levels. Most reputable builders, though, will ensure that the merbau is well seasoned before they construct your deck with it. Seasoning allows the tannins to seep out of the wood away from your house in order for it not to stain other surfaces it comes in contact with at your house. You can seal it with a clear sealant to bring out the natural colour in the merbau or you can change its natural shade with the shade of your choice. Most homeowners select to seal or stain merbau with a deck instead of to paint it, but the choice is up to you.

The Texture and Grain of Merbau

Merbau has a coarse texture, and this provides a medium natural lustre to it in a construction project. The grain of this wood varies from interlocked to straight. Throughout your deck the boards may vary, which will offer a unique appearance to your new deck.


Merbau is a moderately priced, and this makes it highly affordable for inclusion in a deck. At times, the understructure of the deck is built with other types of lumber, and the merbau is only on the floor and the railings, so the cost can vary depending on the design of the deck.

Enhance your home today with merbau decking on your deck. Hire a professional to design and install one that is ideal to the layout of your house and property. You will receive years of enjoyment and value from it.

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