A 6-Point Checklist Before Commencing With Your Bathroom Renovation Project

29 June 2022

Having to go through the process of any renovation can be overwhelming. And renovating a bathroom space is no exception. You must have to deal with a lot of factors to make sure that renovation the renovation process goes as smoothly as planned. To keep you on track here is a 6-point checklist before commencing with your bathroom renovation project.


Before anything else, you need to create a realistic budget. It is very essential that you carefully assess how much you are willing to spend for the completion of the project. Your allocated budget to fund the renovation project should serve as your guide in the selection of interior design, materials to be used, labour cost, and procurement of bathroom features. We highly recommend sticking to this budget to avoid spending beyond it and to have a clearer sense of how much to spend on a particular fixture or feature.


Renovating a bathroom is a complex process because it greatly involves tiling, plumbing, and wiring, which can only be done by a professional. Before starting with your bathroom renovation project, choosing a reliable contractor should be the top of your priority. A reliable contractor ensures that all the systems are in place and installed properly and efficiently. They have enough experience in any renovationprocesstherefore, you can be assured of a smooth and hassle-free bathroom renovation process.

Design Layout

Creating a design layout helps you conceptualise your desired bathroom look. Planning the bathroom design also involves several factors like tile options, paint colour choices, storing solutions, and selecting bathroom features. To come up with the best layout, you must piece these fundamental elements togetherand evaluate if all things have been properly considered and factored in. Ensure you get the best bathroom layout ideas and let Nathan Brown Building assist you with the design layout. 


Taking advantage of the new materials in the market can be a bit costly but is a good return on investment. New materials nowadays are manufactured with sustainability and energy efficiency in mind, which may save you money for monthly utility bills in the future. Purchasing new materials for your new bathroom also means getting away with the burden of constantly paying for replacement costs.

Plumbing Fixtures

Before commencing with your bathroom renovation project, you need to have walls, floors, and plumbing systems inspected. Checking the plumbing fixtures is very important for you to know if the existing plumbing is still in good condition or needs replacement because of the presence of rust and clogs which might worsen in the long run if not addressed before commencing with the renovation.

Project Schedule

When doing a bathroom renovation, you also need to factor in the project schedule and set a deadline for the completion of the entire bathroom renovation process. Defining the duration of the renovation project also helps you make household arrangements, especially if you only have a single bathroom in your house

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