5 Home Extension Ideas to Personalise Your Space

09 August 2022

Undertaking a home extension unlocks its true potential, making it the perfect home that you have been dreaming to have. If you have just bought your current living space from another owner, adding a home extension allows you to personalise it. Here are 5 home extension ideas to personalise your existing space.

Single Storey Extension

When your existing living space gets too small for your growing family, adding a single-storey extension is the best solution for you. If moving to a larger home is not a viable option yet, then building a single-storey extension is the way to deal with it. A single-storey home extension helps boost your home’s limited floor space. This type of home extension suits any home space with huge living areas, where adding another bedroom or expanding your kitchen space is feasible.

Two Storey Extension

If you think you were deprived of designing your existing home, adding a two-storey home extension is another great idea to personalise your space. Investing in a two-storey home extension allows you to design its structure as well as interior. The thought of moving out and the moving cost can be daunting. Perhaps the greatest advantage of undertaking a two-storey home extension project is gaining more space for your existing home without having to go through the challenge of finding a house with bigger space and moving out from your existing living space. With more space for your entire household with a house design that finally suits your lifestyle, adding a two-storey extension is the best for you.

Period Home Extensions

Another home extension idea to personalise your space is to undertake a home extension for your period home. Often, period living spaces do not have a lot of space aside from the weakening foundations. Lucky for you to live in a period home because a lot of people dream of living in one. All you need to do is to take the necessary steps to update and restore its classic character. With this, you may also need a home extension for your period home. The age of your living space should not stop you from personalising it according to your style and preference. Where you do not want to have a full home renovation, a home extension is bound to increase the value of your home by still maintaining its character and authenticity.

Expand the Kitchen and Update the Layout

Expanding your kitchen and updating its layout is another home extension idea that allows you to personalise your existing kitchen space. Expanding your kitchen space provides you with more storage with ease thus, translating to functionality and convenience. It also allows you to inject a personal touch into your newly expanded kitchen space aside from the added space.

Add New Bathroom

Adding a new bathroom also helps you to personalise your existing living space. It can dramatically enhance the appearance and convenience of your current space after giving you more leeway to improve its design layout by adding a new bathroom.

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