4 Steps on Building a Stunning Roof Deck in Newcastle Lake Macquarie

08 March 2023

Why can’t flat roof owners enjoy rooftop decks? To begin with, it is frequently a vacant space. Second, a rooftop deck might give you a completely different perspective. It is a great location to obtain a commanding view of the entire neighbourhood. However, there are a few things to consider before adding a deck to your home. It is advised that you begin by doing your research. Here are the steps for building a stunning roof deck in Newcastle Lake Macquarie:

Check if a Rooftop Decking Is Allowed in Your Area

Check if rooftop decking is allowed in your area before you start. Is there zoning in your neighbourhood that forbids you from constructing a rooftop deck? Do you live in a community with a homeowner’s association? Find out more about it. If not, getting in touch with your local building department is a great place to start. A wealth of information is available from inspectors of building codes. They may save you money because they are familiar with the local building codes.

Assess if Your Structure Can Support a Roof Deck

Can your roof structure support the added weight? You can get help on this matter from a building code authority. They will at least be familiar with your location’s loading restrictions. Establishing your roof’s loading capacity may also require consulting a structural engineer or licenced builder in Newcastle Lake Macquarie. They can determine whether your roof can support the added weight of a decking. Never build a rooftop deck without first taking a look at this.

Choose Your Deck Team Wisely

All professions have specialised fields of knowledge, including architects, landscape architects, engineers, green roof experts, and master builders. But you don’t need to look for one; Nathan Brown Building is Licenced Builder & Contractor that specialises in Decks and Pergolas. We also have more than 28 years of experience across all facets of the building industry. If you choose us, you can expect a roof deck built with the highest quality and standards.

Choose Right Decking

Roof decks in Newcastle Lake Macquarie are probably the hardest to construct. They are exposed, have inadequate ventilation, and limited clearance. Additionally, they frequently spend the day in the sun. Therefore, choosing the right decking is essential if you want to survive and thrive in this climate. Alternatives to synthetic decking include wood composites, wood composites with plastic caps, and cellular PVC. Many of them come in a variety of colours. Some people thrive in this demanding setting. For a rooftop deck, softwood decking is not a good option. Decking that has been pressure-treated is vulnerable to splitting, cracking, warping, and twisting in this harsh environment.

There are several things to take into account when estimating decking costs. The many characteristics of your terrain and the height of your deck above ground may significantly influence the price. However, if you begin a process with thorough measurements and ideas, you might avoid unexpected costs later.

We can give you honest, accurate and affordable estimates at Nathan Brown Building. All you have to do is call us at 0422 622 264, and we’ll take you from there.

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